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The New Standard in Creative learning.

Master the art sitting at home, Learning from the Best, through Natak Factory Digital Classrooms.

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Congratulations on starting your creative journey with Natak Factory Digital Classroom.

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Let Your Creative Skills Take You to Next Level

Natak Factory Digital Classrooms is a unique platform for creative budding professionals who have the zeal to take there creative talent & passion to the next level.  


Explore Acting.

Learn the art of creating powerful and dynamic characters and dive into techniques that help you become a better actor.


Explore Photography.

Learn the craft of capturing and become a Master of Photography, understand camera gear,composition 101 and lighting.


Explore Writing.

Learn to craft stories like great writers. Form structuring your story to finishing your first draft. With this course learn the art mastering the craft of developing great stories.


Explore Dancing.

Unlock the dancer in you. Move to the groove with step-by-step learning and understand the basics of movement and footwork. Dive into techniques so that you never miss a beat when your let loose on the dance floor.


Explore Film Making.

Learn the art of video production and bring out stories to life. Delve deep into the world of film making, hone your craft as a director and learn turn your scripts into films.

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